Find your ally in the Development Authority. Our mission is to facilitate growth of business in the county. We are a local agency that assists businesses as they consider the many advantages of moving to or expanding operations in Berkeley County. Our job is to help you discover the many opportunities that our county has to offer.

The Development Authority is ready to assist:

  • identify property options and assist with site selection
  • assist in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses
  • locate workforce development and customized training programs
  • determine financing options and incentives.



Sandy Hamilton, Executive Director

Lori Taylor, Business Programs Manager

Tara Price, Administrative Services Coordinator



Nan Stevens, President
Helen Harris, Vice President
Jim Welton, Treasurer
Tony Lewis, Secretary
Jim Barnes
Bob Butler
Steve Cox
Dan Dulyea
Amanda Giangola
Montie Hicks
George Karos
Megan Michael
P.J. Orsini
Jim Seibert
Kevin Starliper
Hunter Wilson

Meetings are regularly scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise posted, at 9:30 AM. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 9:30 a.m., in the Development Authority Conference Room. To view the agenda, click here.

To view last month’s minutes, click here.


Business Development Committee – P.J. Orsini, Chair
Next meeting, TBA, Development Authority Conference Room

Finance/Audit Committee – Jim Welton, Chair
Next meeting, Wednesday, September 5, 2018,  9:30 a.m., Development Authority Conference Room
To view the agenda, click here.

Government Affairs & Infrastructure Committee – Hunter Wilson, Chair
Next meeting, TBA, Development Authority Conference Room

Human Resources  Committee – Megan Michael, Chair
Next meeting, TBA, Development Authority Small Conference Room

Marketing  Committee – Kevin Starliper, Chair
Next meeting, TBA,  Development Authority Conference Room