This is a platform based business promoting local service businesses. This web based system utilizes drivers that are working for rideshare companies (Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Etc.) We would use these drivers to use direct sales tactics for property related services. If they saw a fence that needed repair they would take a photo and log it in the platform. The system would then generate an envelope with that photo on it and send it to the homeowner with information about the fence repair company. If that homeowner then uses the service they would receive a commision from the fence repair company and the opportunity to be the sales advisor on that property.

What makes your business unique?

This business is unique because it leverages drivers that are already making money on a gig platform. They then have the opportunity to be an outside sales person for other companies and have endless sales commisions. At this point this tactic has not been used and my background makes it a great fit to employ.

How will the prize money be used?

The prize money would be used to take the idea and actually make it a usable app vs. just a prototype. It would be strictly for the development of the technology.

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