Business Spotlight

Orsini’s is a world-class appliance dealer that opened its first doors in 1948 and has been family-owned for three generations. They began as a small appliance store but have developed into a full-service appliance company in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. “There is no other store in the area you’re going to go to where you can buy, install, and receive servicing-we’re a one-stop shop,” says owner, P.J. Orsini. They offer an abundance of home and living appliances, hosting major brands such as Traeger, Maytag, Yeti, and many more.

What separates Orsini’s from larger appliance dealers is their dedication to their clients-being a part of the process from purchase to install, and servicing throughout the product’s lifetime, “That’s why we stand out,” says Sales Associate, Lauren Rager. Most larger appliance retailers contract out to third party installers, Orsini’s prides itself on their uniquely personal standard. Customers are consistently working with the same team members through the completion of a project.

After working diligently through the 2008 housing crisis, Orsini’s persistently expands their business as the population and housing market in the area increases. As the industry changes and market needs shift, Orsini’s continues to transform their business model to align with the varying trends. “We’ve kept up, evolving as our industry has changed,” Orsini states. Recently, they added a first-rate kitchen designer with 30 years of experience to their staff. They now offer all kitchen appliances from cabinets to countertops.

Looking toward the future, Orsini’s aims to strengthen their outdoor living division. With hopes to offer custom patio installations like outdoor kitchens, they have blueprints to cultivate their brand over the next 5 years. As opportunities present themselves, they plan to add more employees and even more individually tailored options for their clientele.

Although they continue to increase their sales, maintaining the personal experience their customers receive when working with their family-owned business is a top priority. “Keeping the reputation up of being a family-owned business, nice and friendly. For our community-we’ve held together this long and hopefully for generations longer,” says Installer, Brenden.

They attribute a large part of their lasting success to the Berkeley County community. The Berkeley County community is a dynamic one, from life-long residents to people just moving to the area. Many members become enamored learning that Orsini’s has been in business for 75 years. “It’s pretty fun to see who’s discovering us and who has stayed with us over the years,” says Orsini. They look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service to their hometown and the surrounding areas.

“It is better to do business in Berkeley County,” Orsini enthuses. The Berkeley County Development Authority is proud of Orsini’s longstanding commitment to the community and looks forward to helping foster an environment for them to expand for years to come!

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