Business Spotlight

Taweh Dempster is the owner and a sales consultant at M3T Inc. The company originated as a print services company in the early 2000s and has grown and evolved with its client base and their needs. Dempster began working in the credit card processing industry in 2014, and by 2021 he registered M3T as an Independent Sales Organization and has focused its customer support on credit card processing, consulting, and sales.

            ” We help our customers authorize, capture, transfer and deposit credit card payments into their bank account using tabletop & mobile terminals, payment apps, point of sales (POS), eCommerce and hosted checkout page using the latest chip or contactless payment technology,” Dempster states.

 When Dempster first began working in the industry, M3T was serving 5 clients. Since that time, they have grown to serve 30 clients, work to help minimize the cost associated with typical credit card processing fees, and process of $17 million. M3T sets itself apart by having the flexibility to work with multiple processors to offer its customers the lowest processing fees. Dempster says,

“In most cases we can reduce or eliminate processing fees and provide a more personalized service.”

Dempster credits the local organizations like the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and Mainstreet Martinsburg for helping expand their business. They attribute their continued success to the local community, the convenient access to the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and the business-friendly leadership in Berkeley County.

            “We experienced 200% growth year over year,” Dempster enthuses.

Dempster also enjoys living in the Berkeley County community with his family,

“I love the small-town feel, where everyone feels familiar, even when meeting for the first time. Chatting with a stranger in the grocery line, letting another car in in traffic or vis versa,” he continues.

The Berkeley County Development Authority is proud to have M3T Inc. in our community and appreciate their commitment to serving their clients.

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