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Jordan Harris dreamed of being able to establish a business that could offer career opportunities to those closest to him. Realizing that this goal could take a substantial amount of time, he began contemplating how he could affect change sooner. From that concept, the Skyward Staffing Agency, a temp-to-hire and direct placement company focused on the manufacturing industry, was founded.

            “My mother’s wisdom echoed in my mind: ‘Learn to dance a yard before you dance abroad,’” Harris, Director of Professional Services shares.

Because of this sentiment, Harris decided that making an impact in his local community was a better place to start his journey than working for a large, global firm. He decided to settle his new business in Berkeley County. When thinking of a name, Harris was intent on something with distinguished significance.

            “I wanted a name that could inspire people to rise above their circumstances,” says Harris.

He continues, “Skyward is a name that encapsulates the spirit of reaching for the skies, no matter the challenges.”

Skyward prides itself on their strength as an agency that focuses heavily on helping to place and guide workers in the manufacturing industry and the cooperative coaching for their new hires that helps them excel in their profession. Harris enthuses,

“We help them become the best they can be so that our business partners get the most out of these individuals.”

The population growth in Berkeley County has brought Skyward new clients and many new people to help in their careers, especially in recent years.

“The consistent influx of new residents and the steady increase in companies relocating their businesses here, providing more job opportunities, have been key factors in my family’s decision to remain in Berkeley County,” says Harris.

As a citizen of the area, Harris enjoys the simplicity, peacefulness, safety, and security that Berkeley County offers.

            “It’s just a place I would like to raise my family. This location embodies all the values I consider essential for family life,” he explains.

As more manufacturing companies move to the area, Skyward expects to continue their current trajectory in growth. In the next few years, Harris hopes to delve into new industries, including the nursing field and intends to become partners with local schools to help educate and develop the youth in the community.

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and The Berkeley County Development Authority (BCDA) have played a critical role in the success of Skyward.

“The resources I’ve received from both organizations have been of tremendous help,” Harris states.

The BCDA is proud to offer Skyward Staffing Agency the support needed for their continued growth in Berkeley County.

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