Business Spotlight

The BCDA is excited to highlight a small business that greatly contributes to the local tourism in Berkeley County!

The Apple B&B was originally built in 1849 as a Greek Revival style home adorned with symmetrical gables and large pillared columns-a grand structure located in downtown Martinsburg.

In 2018, after working in the banking industry for many years, Denise Phelps and Mark Eisinger began looking for a property in Martinsburg’s Historic Downtown District that they could restore to its former beauty. They found The George Appleby MD Historic House and decided it was perfect for their project. Phelps says,

“It was a gem and a wonderful downtown, but it needed a little bit of work and we saw all of the great things that were happening in downtown Martinsburg, and we wanted to be a part of the revitalization effort, so we bought the building and started a renovation project.”

Although the couple first began looking for a home that they could use as their residence, they realized halfway through their renovations that the downtown area needed lodging for tourists in the area. Phelps and Eisinger changed the direction of their initial plans and decided to add and cultivate a unique space for tourists to stay while they are visiting the local shops and restaurants that the downtown offers. From this vision, The Apple B&B was established.

Phelps and Eisinger are proud of what they have built. Phelps enthuses,  

“We have this amazing bed and breakfast that offers hospitality options for people downtown that are coming to visit our area.”

They continue to add to the cultural allure of the downtown area. In 2020, they added The Apple Blossom Art Gallery adjacent to the B&B where they rotate 12 local WV artists’ work. They also participate in art walks and other events and festivals.

In addition to sleeping accommodations, the B&B is also used as an event space for various types of gatherings.

“We offer event space so that people that want to have a small, intimate event have an option to do that downtown while they can still enjoy all of the historic aspects of our downtown,” Phelps shares.

The BCDA congratulates The Apple B&B on their success and wishes them well in all their future endeavors.

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