I am a fourth generation candy-maker, and I create high-quality confectionery delights using the best ingredients, old-fashioned techniques and family recipes. Brosmer’s Candies was a candy store in Columbus, Ohio from 1910 until the late fifties where my great-grandparents served the local community with their homemade candies, ice cream, light lunch and contemporary sodas from back-in-the-day. I am currently bringing Brosmer’s Candies back to life in Martinsburg, West Virginia! I make artisan, small-batch, confections including hand-tempered chocolates, fudge, hard candies, unique gifts, and custom decorated cookies. I hope to teach classes and bring people together with a unique, unforgettable experience.

What makes your business unique?

We still use old-fashioned techniques, we don’t skimp on quality ingredients, and the family recipe for Butterscotch Kisses made them so popular at the time that Sears Roebuck tried to get my great-grandfather to set up his candy shop in their stores. (Brosmer’s had the ORIGINAL candy “Kiss”). Louis Valentine Brosmer refused to sell, and the recipe is still in the family. Old-fashioned butterscotch is nothing like the artificial flavors used today; Brosmer’s Kisses are made with six ingredients, (that you can pronounce), they have a melt-in-your-mouth texture and an addicting, unforgettable flavor!
My great-grandfather was born on February 14, and his middle name was “Valentine”. An amazing coincidence; HIS own great-grandfather’s birthday ALSO fell on February 14, and his FIRST name was “Valentine”. Candy is a legacy in the Brosmer family!

How will the prize money be used?

Relocation and renovation of a commercial kitchen space.

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