Indigo Garden School is a community focused food education program. The initial launch curriculum is designed for pre-K and elementary students. Students learn about growing and preparing food from start to finish. Lessons include how to take common homemade items and use them for gardening, arts & crafts, and food related science projects.

What makes your business unique?

This service is differentiated from its competitors because it will include food education for all. Business goals include, but are not limited to:
1.) Employing unhoused community members at multiple community gardens in the region.
2.) Free food preparation and gardening classes offered to low-income families.
3.) Pre-K and Elementary mobile classroom capable of traveling to all schools and home-school meet ups in Berkeley County.
4.) Connecting local gardeners and Chefs with the community through hosted workshops and events.
5.) Fundraising for food deserts, community gardens and elementary school summer food programs.

How will the prize money be used?

Prize money will be used to pay for parts and updates necessary to mobile classroom. Purchase of seeds, starter plants, soil, hydroponic equipment, and tools and supplies necessary for the mycology lab.

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