We are truly honored to present our dedicated team of mentors for the Build-Up Berkeley initiative. These experienced professionals, all successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, have graciously chosen to invest their time in the future of Berkeley County. Their wisdom, guidance, and unwavering commitment to supporting each participant in their entrepreneurial journey is invaluable. They not only provide practical advice but also ignite the passion, foster the resilience, and nurture the innovative spirit necessary for success. We sincerely appreciate their dedication to cultivating the next generation of business leaders in our community.

Carol Goolsby

Carol Goolsby has a unique blend of professional experiences in higher education, private, public, and non-profit sectors giving her a well-rounded perspective in business and leadership. She is a former small business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her experience in higher education drives her passion to educate, empower, and mentor future business leaders.

Akshit Mudigonda

Akshit Mudigonda, a recent graduate of Shepherd University, is an ambitious entrepreneur on a mission to transform the food industry through his company, LLETMI Nutrition. Focused on millet-based products, Akshit is determined to revolutionize the perception of this ancient grain and establish it as a staple crop.


Jim Dovel

Dovel is an experienced business manager with an extensive professional background and academic training that currently serves as an assistant professor of business.


Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd is an experienced educator and hospitality executive. Currently he is the Small Business Development Center business coach for the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. 

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Combined with her strong work ethic of integrity and excellence, she is committed to the success of individuals and businesses. Carol holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor’s in Business Education. She served as the Executive Director of the Region 9 Planning and Development Counsel from 2006-2013. She is currently employed as a full-time professor in the College of Business at Shepherd University and a part-time business coach for the WV Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in the Eastern Panhandle.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Akshit has received significant support from the business school at Shepherd University. The education and resources provided by the university's business program have played a crucial role in equipping Akshit with the knowledge and skills necessary to launch and grow LLETMI Nutrition. To further fuel his venture, Akshit actively participated in multiple pitch competitions, successfully raising funding for his startup. His passion and business acumen attracted the attention of outside investors who recognized the potential in his vision. Building on the knowledge acquired during his university studies and driven by an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship, Akshit successfully launched LLETMI Nutrition in March 2023. His millet-based cookies have already secured placement in seven stores, including esteemed locations like Bushel and Peck in Charles Town. Looking ahead, Akshit has set his sights on expanding his operations by growing millet in Berkeley County. Additionally, he remains committed to conducting further research and development to create innovative snacks that cater to the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers.

Education: ~ Doctor of Business Administration, Wilmington University ~ Masters of Business Administration, Portland State University ~ Bachelor of Science in Diesel Power Technology, Oregon Institute of Technology Background: ~ As a business owner and entrepreneur, his business grew sales by over 600% through the implementation of five business-expansion projects. ~ His research includes the development of employee screening instruments and new predictive constructs that aim to improve employment selection predictability while reducing adverse effects on various minority groups.

He has served as the Workforce Development and Business Program Manager for Hagerstown Community College and was an adjunct faculty member at Frederick Community College in the business department for 13 years. Prior to that, he was the executive V.P. for The Plamondon Hospitality Group. In that role he served as coordinator for Leadership Frederick County for 5 years. He was an advisor to the SkillsUSA program at the Frederick County CTC where, as a Distinguished Toastmaster, he coached students in public speaking competitions. Michael is an active community volunteer and supports the efforts of entrepreneurs to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.