The Dandiest Life LLC is a company that specializes in helping individual persons, an entire family, or a business achieve community integration, navigation, and socialization, most authentically and victoriously. Through identifying the clients core needs and goals, The Dandiest Life LLC produces exceptional work outcomes that fall under the categories of Educational Services and Full-Spectrum Family & Business Solutions.

Family and Community Services include (but are not limited to) Tutoring and Advocacy for the Neurodivergent/Learning Disabled/Medically Complex/Exceptional Child and adult… Assistance with understanding the Special Education Systems, Educational Diagnostician work, Family/Medical/Social Planning, and Coordinating.

Business Services include: (but are not limited to) working with Business Clients that are in need of Accessibility Services (and Implementation), Strategic Planning, COPY Services, and Company Coordinating. The Dandiest Life LLC also works to assist in creating, cultivating, and helping to facilitate aspects of their business they otherwise are unable to do alone, especially if they are a smaller company and owned by a person part of the marginalized community (BIPOC, Differently Abled/Neurodivergent, Veteran).

What makes your business unique?

The Dandiest Life LLC is very special and unique as it is a business that digs deep into the philosophy of “for us by us.” The Dandiest Life is owned by a Resident of Berkeley County. This owner is a Graduate of Hedgesville High School and Shepherd University before receiving additional education from other learning institutions.

I am the owner… I am Elizabeth Anne… I am a committed educator who has taken my passions and pursuits for knowledge, growth, and development beyond the classroom and into the community. As an educator, and now business owner, I found it imperative that I make my business an integral part of who I am… much like my name, my business carries the essence of me and what I seek to give back to the community…

My business caters to the Neurodivergent, Marginalized, Differently-Abled (Medically Complex/Exceptional) persons who may also be of a BIPOC or Veteran Community. I am Black with Veterans and Active-Duty family members.

I cater to the lived experience of those who seek to create a community, house, or work environment that is HYGEE (Danish for safe, comfortable, secure, and warm). Integrity and authenticity are what my clients will find when they work with me.

How will the prize money be used?

The Prize Money will be used to start our buying resources and inventory/ identify a first location that can serve as our first location and be a means of an accessible and safe resource center for the population that we serve. There are not enough safe spaces seeking to pour into the most marginalized of persons within our community; My mission rests upon creating and working with others to increase a sense of self-awareness, advocacy, and resiliency, at a basic human level… Then there is Authenticity… The prize money will go into the investment of our mission: Living the APPLE Way “Authentic People Pressing (on) and Learning Every Day!”

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