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How does the census impact economic development?

The census is an essential tool in our system of government and private enterprise. Many of the most important decisions made by government and business leaders are based on the information that is provided by the census combined with interim community surveys.

Census data is an invaluable tool for our business community. It stands as the single best source of information about the demographics and growth potential of area’s growth.1 Almost all commercial databases require benchmarking data to set and analyze reliable population parameters provided that is provided by the census. While businesses collect their own data or make use of data generated by other private sources, this data can be supported by the often complementary public data gathered by the Census Bureau. This provides business leaders and those interested in invested and expanding into our county with vital information about demographic and economic changes that facilitate more informed and forward-looking business decision- making.2 Entrepreneurs both large and small rely on census information to make decisions about a wide variety of investments, including new real estate developments and office or store locations, the construction of hospitals and urgent care facilities, and expansions of distribution services and warehouse facilities.

The Census 2020 will shape many different aspects of your community. Everyone is counted. For the first time, you can choose to respond online, by phone, or by mail. Respond today. Your Response Matters. Vital for Your Community. Shape Your Future.


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