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Board Member Q&A |  Montie Hicks

The Berkeley County Development Authority (BCDA) is a community-driven organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  We want you to meet the great folks who support us with their time, talent and commitment to our mission, so we will be spotlighting them throughout the year.  Below is a Q&A with Montie Hicks. Montie is the Business Services Officer – Portfolio Manager at Truist Bank in Martinsburg.

How did you get involved with the Berkeley County Development Authority?

I had learned from friends and business associates of the great impact of the BCDA on the economic growth of the community.  I later expressed my desire to be a part of the organization to an existing board member.  After my nomination and interview with the Berkeley County Commission, I was appointed in February of 2009 to serve on the Board.

What word would you use to describe your first year(s) on the Board?


Have there been any major strategic decisions that your Board has faced during your tenure?

I feel that one of the key strategic decisions our Board faced during my tenure was its ability to stabilize operating cash flow by investing in the Foxcroft Office Buildings.  Prior to this acquisition, cash flow was tight with income being derived primarily from land sales tied to various projects.  As many know, these projects take time to come to a realization.  At the same time, normal everyday operating expenses do not stop.  Through efficient management of costs tied to these buildings, the BCDA was able to generate a supplemental income on a recurring basis that helped provide stability to its operating cash flow over recent years.  This has enabled the organization to help cover its normal operating expenses and place a greater focus on opportunities for growth and meeting the needs of its existing businesses within the community. 

What does the BCDA mean to you?

The BCDA is an asset of Berkeley County that works in conjunction with many other organizations.  It helps pool the resources of this county and state to improve our community’s economy and standard of living.  With its board consisting of individuals from an array of different businesses, a broader perspective is attained in helping the BCDA to meet its goals and objectives.  By serving on the Board, it allows me to indirectly give back to the community for all the benefits and pleasures I have received during my 32 years residing here.

What are you most looking forward to in the next fiscal year related to the BCDA work?

I am looking forward to seeing some of our goals and projects that were established years ago start coming to fruition.   I believe this will take place in 2021-2022 from proper planning, years of hard work by our staff, and direction from our Board.  Through patience and commitment to our mission, I believe the upcoming fiscal year will result in even more opportunities to help improve our community.

Why is the work of the BCDA important to the community?

BCDA is important because it promotes economic development and increased employment through new business and new jobs.  At the same time, it strives to assist existing businesses within the community to be successful.  By striving to help improve the quality of life within Berkeley County, it creates a desire for people to live and work here. 

Thank you, Montie. Would you please provide a quote on BCDA, the Authority Board, or Berkeley County that we can highlight and was not in the above answers you provided?

Growth and change in our community are inevitable and can be good if approached with an open mind.


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