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 Check Out Berkeley County

Are you looking for a great location to settle your business? Berkeley County, West Virginia is the ideal place to root your business. The area has seen major population growth in the past few years, and because of it our business community is expanding as well. Since October 2021, Berkeley County business growth has increased by over 20%.

Why are businesses choosing Berkeley County?

In October 2022 alone, Berkeley County registered 66 new businesses, the third highest in the state! Since January of this year, business growth has risen by 16.92%. This upsurge can be attributed to many factors, including convenient transportation modes and routes, educational partnerships and programs, and a community that flourishes on business, both large and small.

Berkeley County is home to major roadways and railways. This convenience allows businesses to manufacture and distribute their products quickly and efficiently. Berkeley County is also close in proximity to major cities, airports, and seaports. Berkeley County offers more affordability than the neighboring cities, an important factor to consider when choosing a location for a business.

Berkeley County is also host to multiple community and technical colleges that collaborate with local businesses to offer courses and certifications that are needed to help qualify the local workforce. In addition to these wonderful partnerships, the local communities and their leaders support businesses of every industry!

Contact Berkeley County Development Authority (BCDA)!

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