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Procter & Gamble is a Cincinnati-based manufacturing company that opened its doors in Berkeley County, West Virginia in September 2015. They host household brands like Pampers, Downy, Bounty, and many more. The facility has seen multiple expansions since its opening, they can now operate 30 lines simultaneously. Employee, Ridge Poole states, “In the past five years, it has become a bustling mega-site on the forefront of innovation.”

Although they continue to grow, they remain steadfast in their principles and values that are centered around business solutions and people. P&G is dedicated to making peoples’ lives better in small, meaningful ways. Their care for people derives from the standard of consideration they have for their employees. “This is the first place I have ever worked where I feel like I actually have a voice. You’re respected here. The diversity here is awesome, it is a very inclusive environment,” says Brooke, a dedicated employee. P&G prioritizes the needs of their employees, offering things like paid maternity and paternity leave. “The main factor has always been family-first, and they don’t stray from that,” shares committed staff member, Edward Cape.

At P&G, they are redefining what it means to work in the manufacturing industry. Employees don’t just gain technical skills, but also interpersonal skills, “We’re all about collaboration,” says Nick Lesley, Human Resources Manager. They place substantial significance on developing their employees. They have formed a partnership with Blue Ridge Community & Technical College to offer training and certification classes that help employees apply technical knowledge to their everyday work lives. Jimea Penton states that employees come in prepared, “they have the educational background provided by P&G and the technical skills.” The program has had a definite positive impact for employees and the business.

The benefits of having P&G in Berkeley County are two-fold. P&G creates jobs for the local workers and the company can recruit and retain qualified talent while also receiving the added benefits that the location and community have to offer. “People are our greatest asset. If we didn’t have the talent pool here in Berkeley County to pull from, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” shares team member, Dave Allen. The proximity of the area to major metropolitan areas, like D.C. and Baltimore, provides another appeal for businesses and community members. Allen enjoys being close to the city, but enjoys the sense of community the area provides, “Living in Berkeley County, you get that small town feel. It’s a nice little contrast,” he continues.

P&G considers itself “a start-up at heart with access to global resources.” This ideal pairs perfectly with Berkeley County’s supportive and friendly local community, even with its continuously growing population.

Lesley believes that P&G made the right decision when choosing Berkeley County as its home. “My favorite thing about Berkeley County is the immediate hospitality you feel when you come in. It doesn’t matter what business you go to; people are always smiling saying hello to you. The people are very connected as well,” he praises. “Everyone can lean on each other here,” he continues.  

“It is 100% better to do business in Berkeley County,” Lesley enthuses.

The Berkeley County Development Authority (BCDA) is proud of the partnerships that P & G has created with local businesses and educational institutions and looks forward to their continued growth-and all that it will do for our community!

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