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Black Draft Distillery began in 2014 as a small operation in an empty barn behind a home that once housed a beloved family Black Draft horse. With no horses left, a desire to stick to West Virginia traditions, and inspiration they received from a friend, Glen Price began cultivating his own moonshine recipe. Originally, he leased a farm to harvest the ingredients needed to create his unique brew. In 2020, amid the pandemic they, among other distilleries, began making hand sanitizer for local businesses and government entities. With business having already grown in recent years and the added needs of the community, the Black Draft began looking to expand. With an immediate need for a larger space, Glen began making connections to help with the project.

            “One of the first calls I made was to the Berkeley County Development Authority,” he says.

With the BCDA’s assistance, they found a 60-acre farm on the northern side of Martinsburg where they are now able to grow their own corn and rye while making high-quality moonshine, whiskey, and vodka all while offering a distinct space for their patrons to enjoy their products. They offer public and private tours, tastings, and special events. They are committed to crafting a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for their clientele.

“When guests come into the barn and onto the property and get to experience it, I really enjoy being a part of that,” expresses Emmy Decker, General Manager

“Helping to ensure they have an excellent cocktail, a great meal, and enjoy the wonderful music from the great local musicians we have in this area, that they feel like they’re family.”

Black Draft Distillery appreciate having a business in Berkeley County, especially because of the geographic location, they credit it as having the largest impact on their success. With 4 states within 45 minutes, they get to learn and spend time with diverse groups. Glen sees many changes occurring in the area and appreciates that the people and leaders are evolving and embracing them.

            “We’re moving forward in this county,” he says eagerly.

Glen shares his excitement that large and small businesses alike are growing and thriving in the county. He attributes the growth and successes to the supportive Berkeley County community.

“They are hardcore supporters. You can see it by the turnout we have every single weekend. They have the same vision and they’re as gung-hoe as we are,” he says of their customers.

Although Black Draft is growing as the county develops, they stick close to their roots as a backyard distillery, with a goal to ensure that those roots always endure.

“For the folks that knew about Black Draft in 2014 and watched it grow, it still feels today like you’re going to hang out in your best friend’s backyard,” Emmy enthuses.

The Berkeley County Development Authority is grateful to be able to support Black Draft Distillery and their dedication to preserving the history and traditions of distilling in West Virginia and creating an extraordinary, immersive environment for their clients.

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