Location, Location, Location

When deciding where you want to root your business, location is at the top of any business owner’s checklist! If you’re looking for a place that will meet all your company’s needs, look no further than Berkeley County, West Virginia.

2022 has been a great year for businesses in our area. In West Virginia, 6,824 new businesses have been registered between January 1st and July 26th. Of the 55 counties in our state, Berkeley County accounted for 720 of those businesses, meaning our county is host to nearly 11% of the entire state’s businesses! In June alone, our county became home to 118 new businesses.

Why are businesses choosing Berkeley County?

This increase in business can be attributed to many things, including population growth, convenient proximity to cities and major roadways, and a community that thrives on local businesses.

When the population grows so does the opportunity to acquire new consumers. From 2020 to 2021, the population in Berkeley County has grown by 3%. With a strong community and more affordable living than the cities surrounding us, our population continues to expand.

Berkeley County is host to amazing people and leaders with a pro-business mindset that will support your business ventures and will facilitate partnerships that will help your business grow and thrive. Berkeley County is conveniently located within 1.5 hours of Baltimore and Washington D.C.  and sits along Interstate 81, making travel and distribution easier than ever.

Contact Berkeley County Development Authority (BCDA)!

During the time frame of January 1st-July 26th, Berkeley County has seen a 53.51% increase in new businesses since 2020. This increase is no fluke! As the population continues to grow, so do our new businesses. If you’d like to learn more about settling your business in our amazing county, contact us today! https://www.developmentauthority.com/pages/contact/

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