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Halima Wanamaker is the CEO and Founder of VEMTECH in Martinsburg, WV. With goals to create opportunities for women and minorities in the tech industry and to provide high-quality IT services to small and medium sized businesses, VEMTECH opened its doors in 2016 and hit the ground running.

Wanamaker began her career contracting with the government, but this area of work can be unpredictable, never knowing when a contract is not going to be renewed. At one point, this process left her jobless. As a single mother of three children, being left without income was disruptive. Although she found another position, she wanted to ensure that she would never be in that situation again-and so VEMTECH was born. She shares,  

“That is why I have such a heart for entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs are risk takers, they’re the ones that put themselves out there, but also they’re the ones that are taking control of what they want to accomplish.”

The VEMTECH team enjoys working with various local Berkeley County businesses. Working with different businesses that have different focuses and needs allows them to work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly providing new opportunities.

“Every single day you learn a brand-new skill set or something really valuable and I really appreciate that,” says Daniel Velez, IT Support Specialist.

Berkeley County has provided a unique atmosphere for the growth of VEMTECH. From population growth to an increase in new businesses, the area is an ideal location. With numerous businesses moving to the area, the tech company has been able to acquire an abundance of new customers in need of IT services.

“The growth here in Berkeley County and within my business has been phenomenal,” expresses Wanamaker.

Wanamaker solutes the local community for their support and the networking events that have all helped her business grow. There aren’t many businesses like VEMTECH in the area and she appreciates sharing her talents to help local businesses. She is also interested in helping the youth of Berkeley County understand that there are STEM field opportunities right here in their own community.

Berkeley County’s diversity and welcoming community that embraces outside businesses and people make it a special place for any business. Wanamaker enthuses,

“There are a lot of people just like myself, I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA. People who aren’t from here, but we’re bringing our background, our culture, and our experiences here to Berkeley County.”

With her eyes set to the future, Wanamaker aims to be the number one business for IT solutions for small-medium sized businesses in the four-state area. She believes,

            “It is better to do business in Berkeley County.”

The BDCA is honored to recognize Wanamaker and her team at VEMTECH and are excited to support their continued growth.

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